How does work become a pleasure?

How does work become a pleasure?

Do you enjoy going to work?


I’m not sure when it started, but 9-5 careers used to be very aspirational in the eyes of people who were born in the 60s and 70s, but for those who were born in the 80s and 90s, they find them very dry and boring. Most of the time, this group of people don’t want to work for a period of time during the year.

Many of these changes are also due to the rise of the Internet, people can now easily see how the other half live and are heavily influenced by open-mindedness and ever-growing trends. People have started to resist living in a strict organized environment.

Do you enjoy going to work?

Going to work and working are totally different things!

Many people may not love going to work, but it doesn’t mean they don’t like working. Going to work is a way of earning a living, giving up time and energy in a cubicle to get some money in return. Work, on the other hand, gives our life meaning.

People begin their lives with dreams and passions, and few people are willing to waste their lives in a life of apathy with no hope for the future.

Thanks to a good social environment, today’s young people have many more employment options other than the regular 9-5 employee’s life, such as:

Starting their own business

Many young people, full of passion and dreams, are unwilling to be held back by rules and regulations, and are eager to achieve financial freedom. Some of them will choose to start their own businesses, and the temptation for success is enormous.

Of course, there are also huge pressures and risks, such as lack of the necessary information, lack of resources or connections.


The advent of the Internet and the era of social media has created a large number of freelancers, such as “self-media” broadcasters and publishers, freelance writers, travel experts, stock market traders, sand painters, jewelry craftsmen, photographers etc.

Freelancing depends on the particular skills of the person, and their skills with other people. Most people who can make a living as a freelancer have a certain network of resources and are highly skilled and self-disciplined in their chosen field.

”Slash” careers

Colleagues around you who you may not notice during the day, might do some very cool things after work. With today’s fast-paced lifestyle and increasingly fierce competition, people are becoming less comfortable about doing only one thing at a time. This phenomenon may be caused by the fact that times are changing so rapidly that no one really knows what career they are doing now, and if it might become a sunset industry someday. It might also be because people have a wide range of pursuits and curiosities, maybe the one job isn’t enough to satisfy their interests, so they want to do something they are keener on and make up for the gaps outside of work.

Quite a few people want to do something different but don’t know what to do or how to go about it.

How to improve work?

How to improve work?

The Internet age is both exciting and lonely. We can hear voices from all sides, but these sounds are mixed and labeled, and we have to spend a lot of energy filtering out the noise. What we know and think may also be based solely on a one-sided understanding or guided by public opinion – some media just let you know what they want you to know.

Nowadays, you can communicate freely with the best people in the industry. Mastering important skills, broadly understanding the industry and industry-related information, and letting ideas collide can all happen in the workplace.

At theDesk, adhering to the concept of creating an open environment, we not only share office space, but we also operate the entire community, in which we emphasize the free sharing of information and ideas between individuals, the exchange of different companies and people in the community, and producing synergies. We have set aside a large number of public areas for people to communicate, and we also hold regular exchanges. We encourage communication.

Simple and efficient public areas

Rather than complicated decorations and dynamic elements, we have always emphasized the ultimate simple and minimalist concept, black and white decor, so that you can focus on your own job and work efficiently in the space, and use the space as your canvas to grow into.

In this ever-changing world, theDesk hopes to contribute to your career and business growth.


For more information on co-working spaces, flexible options, pricing guide, etc., please call the hotline at 021-5200-4350 for immediate assistance and to discover more possibilities for your business.

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