Let’s go check out Huangpu’s coolest spots!

When people hear about Shanghai’s Huangpu District, they think of the Peace Hotel, the Bund, and many other famous attractions with a long history.

These historical landmarks have left so many memories and images to the modern world. In the present day, both modern prosperity as well as the historical heritage of Huangpu District are embraced, and it has now become a famous cultural and creative center in Shanghai.

This is also the reason why theDesk is situated at Bridge 8 in Huangpu District. Today, we’d like to share information with you about the surrounding neighborhood and give you some ideas of what you can do after work or on the weekends.


Discover Shanghai City Center


Huangpu River waterfront

Huangpu District

1.7 km from theDesk, is the Nanyuan Greenland Riverside. From here, along the jogging track, you will enter the scene of a cultural hub of modern recreation, it is a city getaway where residents frequently gather to socialize and dance. This park also leads you to the beautiful Nanpu Bridge.

On this high-quality trail, there is no need to worry about crowds or traffic, it’s easy to chill out or just take a break in plenty of recreational space filled with benches. After work, let go of the stress of the day and head to the neon-lit river to enjoy the charming Shanghai.

Route: theDesk Bridge 8 – Nanyuan Greenland Riverside (Jiangbian Road) – Expo Puxi Park (Miaojiang Road) – South Bund Waterfront (Waima Road) – Shiliupu Area (Zhongshan Er Road) – The Bund Waterfront (Zhongshan Dongyi Road) – Duzhe Bookstore (230 Jiujiang Road).



Lane 210, Taikang Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai

The appeal of Bridge 8 is not only that it is a cultural center itself, but also reflected by its neighbor – the magical Tianzifang.

Tianzifang is a mix of commercial and residential properties, casually blending modern style and old alleyways, it is also a hotspot to discover fashion trends, original designs, traditional craftmanship, and many exotic food vendors for Chinese and foreign tourists alike. Unlike the modern prosperity of the Bund, Tianzifang shows more of Shanghai’s warm and noisy side. The coffee shops hidden in residential buildings, and the bespoke stores can be crowded on weekends and with very little space, but they make up for this with the warmth of the atmosphere.

If you are tired of the bustling city and want to experience the life of the old Shanghai, come to Tianzifang, it is an oasis for you to find a moment of leisure in a busy life; while experiencing the local lifestyle.

Route: Subway Line 9 – Exit No. 1 of Dapuqiao Station, about 1.8 km from the Desk 8 Bridge.


The Bund

Huangpu District

Just 5 km from theDesk, is Shanghai’s most iconic check-in spot, the Bund, regarded as the symbol of Shanghai, on the Puxi side (West bank of the Huangpu River). Here we can see historical, luxurious and majestic Western architecture that creates a unique charm, while you can also see the prosperous Financial center Lujiazui composed with modern and iconic skyscrapers on the other side of the river in Pudong (East bank of the Huangpu River).

If you are curious about the Peace Hotel’s old jazz band and the solemn octagonal dome, or if you are interested in historical architecture in the art-deco style, you can always spend some time here.

Also, the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA), located in People’s Square, is on the way. Many well-known art exhibitions, such as Dior and Bazaar, have been held here.

Route: The Peninsula Shanghai – Peace Hotel – Bank of China Building- Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Building – Shanghai Municipal Archives – Shanghai Telecom Museum – Bund History Museum


Shanghai Show Life

Huangpu District

It is no exaggeration to say that Huangpu District is a cultural and creative center in Shanghai, SHOW LIFE is conglomerate of theaters and entertainment venues around People’s Square in Huangpu District. Not only are there famous historical venues, but you can always go see famous shows from abroad and also local productions of contemporary shows in various state of the art theatres in Shanghai.

There is a great variety of world-class productions showing in these venues that are equipped with top level sound and lighting systems. Whether you are an elegant classical music lover or a fashionista on the cutting edge, there is always a show to suit your tastes.

Ticket booth addresses:
Dashijie: No. 435, East Yan’an Road, Huangpu District
East Nanjing Road: No. 587 East Nanjing Road, Huangpu District
Shiliupu: B1, No. 16, Xinkai Henan Road, Huangpu District


Shanghai Xitiandi

No. 245, Madang Road, Huangpu District

Translated to “New heaven and earth”, Xintiandi is transformed from the historic buildings of “Shikumen” Stone-gate and houses on narrow alleys. This extravagant and elegant location is filled with a romantic vibe and is home to some of the city’s most famous and reputable brands and restaurants, the nearby business towers, as well as Shanghai fashion week being held here, with a collection of various trendy lines of fashion and creativity, it has become a cultural hub in the heart of Shanghai.

Xintiandi is an international entertainment center integrating dining, shopping, culture and leisure activities. If you think Xintiandi doesn’t fit your taste and interests, we recommend checking out the 3 major shopping malls in the neighborhood – SML center, Uni Elite and LuOne to explore a modern, local and vivid retail and dining experience.

Route: Metro Line 10/13 – Xintiandi Station, about 1.8 km from the Desk Bridge 8.


theDesk Bridge 8

At theDesk at Bridge 8, in the center of Shanghai, you will definitely find something that is relevant to you !

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