Let’s theDesk’s CEO explain why Coworking might work for you


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theDesk is a pioneer co_working space from Hong Kong founded in 2016, we are having 6 locations in Hong Kong and Shanghai now, and attracted various talents and creative companies from different industries to join us. What makes theDesk different? What do we provide to our members? Let’s hear it from our CEO Thomas Hui.

Co-work 2.0 is to explain what it is, we need to talk about what Co-work 1.0 is.

I think (Co-work 1.0) is the first stage, perhaps when you go to a lot of co-working spaces, you can actually feel that they use a lot of lifestyle elements, to add into the workspace, so you can see that the space is more casual, or even a little playful.

They might even emphasize on having very nice coffee, beer, or that you can play table tennis, I think this is the first stage.

Co-work 2.0 is currently what theDesk is doing, we are actually trying to get rid of all the fancy elements, we want to emphasize that a space should be productive, and the most important part is people, this aligns with my management philosophy, theDesk defines our community as an inclusive community which can generate a lot of chemistry, inspiration and collaboration.

referring back to our inclusive community, we have a very big diversity, and when everyone is within each other’s proximity, it is very easy to meet up and build a trust, this type of community can truly allow our members and neighbors to achieve learning, innovation and customer impact, which can help move your business forward.

Before theDesk, it was just a space, in a location with amenities, but after theDesk, we hope it can enhance the whole community’s sharing economy, and continue to add value to the businesses.

Thomas Hui


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