Market Watch:”Flexible employment surges with co-working spaces”

The Internet has changed people’s lives, and the development of 5G and AI will disrupt how we live even more in the near future. Nowadays, many young people are flooding into new areas of employment created by the Internet era, such as Internet entrepreneurship, deliverymen, vloggers, web celebrity agents, live stream producers, digital transformation and maintenance officers, data analysts in the internet of things (IoTs) area and many other positions. These digital-related industries are attracting large numbers of young people to join them.


The concept of finding a job, to go to work in an office, and to clock in and clock out is gradually disappearing.

In a recent survey, there were 3,645 fresh graduates from a particular university in 2018, and only 300 of those graduates were placed in an office role after graduation, accounting for around 10%. Most of them were flexible in their employment and their place of work. Coworking spaces have become a popular choice for many business owners because of the complete and flexible services they provide.

An industry authority said: The new employment pattern is diversified, and this employment pattern has increased significantly. In the past, the era of working in a job or working in the same business for decades has gradually disappeared, and flexible employment has created non-standard labor relations. It has become the norm and the trend of employment, and it is imperative to build systems for new types of labor relations in China.

“Flexible employment” itself also has a new connotation. In the past, flexible employment was based on whether the employee was officially considered an employee for pension insurance purposes. However, today, flexible employment includes non-standard employment, odd jobs, self-employment and other forms that depend on new Internet platforms. This is the definition of the new type of labor relationship. The new non-standard employment features are more relaxed working conditions, part-time work, flexibility, fairness, and stability.


A great mood, a great salary, and a great environment create the ideal job

When asked, about what makes young people happy in their work, the percentage of people that respond with “working environment” is rising. For young people, in addition to their salary requirements, there are also higher expectations of the working conditions and the environment of the business. Employers must not only use good incentives, and good promotion opportunities to attract people, but also effectively use good people after they enter the enterprise and give them the opportunity to play an important role in the business to achieve their professional goals.

theDesk is a high-quality coworking space. The space is bright, the working atmosphere is ideal, everything you need is here, and there are many well-organized activities that bring inspiration, resources and motivation to the people using the space.Every morning, theDesk offers a cup of freshly ground coffee, a cheerful greeting and a smile from the receptionist at the front desk to start the day.


The new economy creates new jobs, machines replacing humans has become a reality

According to the State Information Center, the number of people providing services to the sharing economy in China was 75 million in 2018, accounting for 9.7% of the national employment of 775.86 million. This is an increase of about 5 million from the previous year or an increase of 7.1%. The number of digital platform employees was 5.98 million, a year-on-year increase of 7.5%.

The Internet has also quietly “eliminated” some positions. For example, the common robot service assistant has replaced a lot of customer service roles, robot editors have replaced some media workers, industrial robots have replaced assembly line workers and so on.

Now, it is not only important for workers to diligently cultivate their own professional skills, to dig deeper and upskill, but also to have extensive knowledge and strong innovation ability in their vertical, combined with knowledge of the developing trends, in order not to be left behind.


A large community space, minimalist design, fully furnished, to facilitate business meetings

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