Top 10 things to look for in a co-working space

For any startup, cost-effective office space and top-notch network facilities are very important. Coworking spaces have become the choice for both enterprises and entrepreneurs because of their excellent range of services as well as their great network resources.

So, how do you choose the coworking space that’s right for you? There are 2 things you need to think about. The space itself, and the services provided.


The space



When choosing a coworking space, the atmosphere is probably the first and most important thing to consider. People who work in a coworking environment will spend a lot of time there, and the ideal coworking space needs to feel like a second home.

2.Noise level and decor

Each person’s style is different, and different people have different ways of working, but loud music and bright and distracting decor are bound to affect productivity. This needs to be considered when choosing an office space. It might be a good idea to see the space in action, and see if you think it suits your working style.

3.Variety of spaces

Coworking spaces must have multiple seating options and office areas to accommodate various types of people. This includes private offices that can accommodate different numbers of people, fixed seating, hot desks as well as a huge public space.

theDesk Bridge 8 has a wide variety of office spaces of different sizes to choose from. There are also 2 large public spaces that are reserved for community activities and networking.

4.Meeting rooms

Sufficient and functional meeting rooms are important, whether they are offered either as part of the overall package or for additional fee or via membership. These spaces are valuable to meet clients, have team meetings or make video calls.

5.Private space for calls

Privacy is very important in coworking spaces, so when choosing an office, you need to take into account whether there are private areas where staff can make or receive calls. theDesk Bridge 8 is equipped with 8 private phone booths specifically designed for this purpose.

6.Location and amenities

The coworking space you choose should be in the center of everything, and it should be convenient to all transport options. Ideally, railway stations, restaurants, and libraries should be nearby or within walking distance. A good neighborhood is conducive to a diverse lifestyle and a good social environment.

theDesk is located at Bridge 8, the famous creative hub in Huangpu District, Shanghai. It is right by Xintiandi and Tianzifang, the centers of creativity and fashion. It’s also close to a number of subway lines, so there are plenty of transport options and a great variety of restaurants and cafes. The location is ideal.


It’s vital to have access to fast and reliable WIFI. No one wants their work to be affected by files that can’t be downloaded in a single day or an unreliable network connection.

8.Pantry area

Are there a wide variety of drinks available? Is there a coffee machine that can make a freshly ground cup? Is the pantry clean and without those little stains you sometimes see? The ideal coworking space doesn’t depend on how spruced up the place is, but attention to the small details can make everyone who works there feel respected.


The Service


9.Community awareness

Coworking spaces should be home to a diverse community. Quality coworking spaces will regularly organize community activities to promote communication, such as: catchups, seminars, exhibitions, online events, etc.

theDesk adheres to the principle of building an open community. During the year, various activities are held to promote cultural and information exchange within the community.

10.A Great Community Manager

A coworking space must have a personality in order to create a sense of harmony and belonging for everyone involved, as well as to facilitate communication. Coworking space community operations managers can help create a vibrant and fun atmosphere for coworking spaces.

theDesk’s operations staff have been engaged in service operations for many years in various industries, and most of them have an international working background and rich experience. This makes theDesk confident to promote the internal and external communication within the office space and Bridge 8 neighborhood.


Why choose theDesk?

① At theDesk, your rent covers all basic office costs.

② theDesk provides your company with a registered business address service.

 theDesk provides cleaning services for all areas, including cleaning services in the individual private offices.

④ Unlike other office buildings, the air conditioning operates 24 hours a day at theDesk Bridge 8.

⑤ General front desk service includes regular reception, theDesk also provides bilingual support in both Chinese and English, community event planning and other services.

⑥ theDesk is equipped with 5 multimedia conference rooms and a large multimedia auditorium which can meet the needs of a various number of visitors and event participants. They’re equipped for video conference calls too.

 Make an appointment with theDesk in Shanghai to use the coworking space at theDesk in Hong Kong (subject to availability).

⑧ theDesk is simple and brightly decorated to ensure focused and efficient work.


Become one of our professional members and immediately enjoy our diverse office space options to create more possibilities.
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