What fulfilled Shanghai Talent’s dream?

Shanghai is a well-developed but also a cold city. If you are a driven person with talent, passion and dreams, you can achieve your goals here.

Shanghai is China’s gateway to the world and the engine that drives the development of the Yangtze River Delta region.

To open up to the outside world, Shanghai Free Trade Zone is recognized as the most competitive free trade zone in the international arena and is constantly improving. Also, the annual China International Import Expo is held here. Shanghai’s trade and cultural exchange industry is ushering in the next wave of rapid development.

To drive growth internally, the technology industry is an important area for the development of Shanghai. Digital transformationsoftware and information technology services and high-technology equipment manufacturing are the three industries that contributed the most to the international competitiveness of Shanghai’s key industries last year. The proportion of new energy auto industry, convention and exhibition industryoffshore equipment industrynew materials industry and bio-pharmaceutical industry are also constantly increasing.

A “Global AI Talent Report” from LinkedIn shows that 70% of AI talent in China is concentrated in Beijing and Shanghai.

This city is becoming more and more international, with high-end, luxury items embracing western style. Foreign capital, foreign companies, and multinational corporations have all flocked here. Talent and capital from all over the country has gathered here to share the benefits of this era. As an innovation center for China’s economy, finance, trade, shipping and technology, a review said in 2018:

There were 582,000 new jobs in Shanghai. The added value of tertiary industries accounted for 69.9% of the city’s GDP. The manufacturing output growth rate of strategic emerging industries was 2.4 % faster than that of other major industries. (*Data sourced from Shanghai Municipal Government Work Report)

Whether you are a member of the financial elite, tech savvy, a fashionista, or a trade commissioner, this highly developed business area makes it easy for you to find your own circle. But in mature businesses, small problems are inevitable, leading many people to complain about the working environment they are in:

●I’m tired of a dark windowless office!

●Why is the meeting room not always available?

●As a cog in the machine, it feels like there is no hope.


>▶ The opportunity to change is here

This creative center with its own artistic vibe, is spacious and bright, with many subway lines conveniently located nearby, and the operations team is very international. theDesk is a co-working space that is committed to connecting Bridge 8 to the outside world, and committed to international communication, for both companies and individuals coming to Shanghai. We provide the most flexible and effective service.

What we can offer

  • Provide a physical address for business registration
  • Quiet and professional work environment
  • Open to members all year round
  • 24-hour air conditioning service
  • Unlimited black and white printing
  • Free soft drinks, tea, coffee
  • Share our Hong Kong office locations
  • Language Services available in: English, Mandarin, Shanghaiese, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, and Dutch.


Become one of our professional members and immediately enjoy our diverse office space options to create more possibilities.

For more information on co-working spaces, flexible options, pricing guide, etc. please call the hotline at 021-5200-4350 for immediate assistance and to discover more possibilities for your business.

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